Knotted Loop Nylon Leader

  • Our tapered leaders are designed to turn over flies perfectly.
  • Stealth fly fishing leaders excel because the nylon material balances three crucial elements better than any other: elasticity, knot strength and suppleness. The absolute best nylon material on the market.
  • Stealth tapered leaders higher breaking strength will allow you to land and release fish quicker.
Model SizeBUTT Diameter (mm)Tip Diameter (mm)ColourBreaking Strain LengthPer Pack
2604301X0.560.254Clear10LB9ft3 p/p
2604312X0.560.229Clear8LB9ft3 p/p
2604323X0.530.203Clear6LB 9ft3 p/p
2604334X0.530.178Clear 5LB9ft3 p/p
2604345X0.530.16Clear4LB9ft3 p/p
2604356X0.430.127Clear3LB9ft3 p/p